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What is an AutoCad suface XML File?

What is an “Ordnance Survey”?

What is the difference between NAD83 and NAD83(HARN)?

Worst job in history?

AUVSI what is it?

The Future of Land Surveying is Now. Are You Prepared For It?

The Skinny Triangle

When is a canal or Lake a monument?

“This dispute stems from the language used in the deed.”


How did the Southern States get the name 'Dixie'?

Ordinary High Water Line

Where did the wording of the definition of “Ordinary High Water Line” come from?

It came from two Federal Cases:
Howard v. Ingersoll, 54 US 381 (1851)
The Borough of Ford City v U.S. 345F .2d. 645 (1965)

What is the PLSS?

What is RTN?

What's a Datum?

What’s in an exception?

Question of the Week

When establishing the boundary lines along a standard parallel, what holds, the section corner monuments or the parallel monuments?

How many parallels are there in Florida?

What is a fictitious meander line?

What is an Alligator Runway?

Caxambas Pass

From the Collier County Museum ( One of the oldest place names on the Gulf coast, it first appeared on a 1771 chart of Florida as Caxymbas Espanolas. Derived from the Arawak Indian word casimba or cacimba, meaning a hole dug along the shore to find drinking water.

Other interesting facts about Caxambas:
It is the highest point in Southwest Florida at 52 feet
Here are the ruins of the Pineapple Plantation house built in 1877

Photo Gallery of the History of Marco Island

The History of Marco Island

Historical Markers of Marco Island

Have you seen this before?

On Sheet 1 there is a note concerning the setting of above ground and below ground monumentation, a second base line and setting “ B.S.”?


How to search the BLM Sites

What is a “Gallbery bush”?

I saw this in the GLO notes, Vol 271 Page 684


Distance between Section Corner and Quarter Corner?

What’s the shortest or longest distance you’ve seen between a section corner and a quarter corner?

The shortest might be from CCR0069018 to CCR0069019.

When would you “Not” hold the original proven GLO corner?

When would you “Not” hold the original proven GLO corner?

Quote of the week

“ If you did what you thought was right at the time, how can you fault yourself now?”

Question on Accuracy

What is the difference between relative accuracy and positional accuracy?

Which corners does this document cover?

What are elder brush?

A Math Problem

Look at this attachment, Question # 2: GED-20091217-0005.TIF
Now measure the angles without a protractor: Math-Protractor-12-21-2009.bmp

What is a Palmetto Ledge?

What is a Palmetto Ledge?

Who is the County Surveyor?

Can the Clerk of the Court refuse to record a plat?

What is an SAD Card?

SAD Card.pdf

Answer: SAD is a Corps of Engineers "SAD" - South Atlantic Division

Question on North Arrows...

Why do some North Arrows only have half a head and when they do what does that indicate?

From Mr. Paul H. Beaulieu II, SIT, CST

Answer: A full headed north arrow indicates either true north or an assumed northerly direction while the half headed arrow indicates the use of magnetic north and the side of the line ith head lies indicates the direction of the magnetic declination.