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PBC - Unrecorded Plats

Notice anything different?

Look at the BLM Copies and then look at the States copies of this Township and Range, notice anything different?

T43 R27 State.pdf -vs- T43 R27 BLM.pdf

Are you looking for additional data....

Are you looking for additional data that maybe available on a particular Township and Range?

Government Plats Contacts.doc

Who is the County Surveyor?

Miami River

Jonathon Dickinson State Park


Type in your favorite acronym and see what the various meaning are I’ve used POB as an example:

Acronym - Definition

POB - Point of Beginning (land surveying)


T51 R41 BLM

T51 R41 BLM.pdf (Note: Right of Way Shown on Dependent Resurvey)

T51 R41 Newman 1908

T51 R41 JNewman Vol 259 p 463-475 1908.pdf (note: measurements are in feet)

Ritta & Kreamer Island

Traversing the Law: Ambiguity is the key.