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Reconnaissance Survey

Okeechobee Waterway

A Land Remembered

“A Land Remembered” by Patrick D. Smith published in the mid 80’s (I’d guess ’84 maybe).  It is really a thinly veiled  story of John MacArthur’s family.  It describes in detail the cattle drives to Tampa and the gold payments and how that gold turned into the South Florida empire of the MacArthur Estates.

Recommended by Mike Joiner, FL DOT

'Lady Sabal Palm': A witness to history

by Chappy Young, owner of the Palm City-based surveying and mapping firm GCY, been surveying in South Florida for 43 years.

T48 R36 Dependent Resurvey

T48 R36 BLM Dependent Survey.pdf

T48 R36 BLM Letter.pdf (Without the letter you might survey the wrong stuff)

Elevation Certificate - NEW FORM

T47 R 41 Section 1 & 2 Field Notes

GPS Network Points (kmz)

FDOT GPS Network - FPRN GPS BASES.kmz (opens in Google Earth)

Lengemann GPS Network - LNET GPS Bases.kmz (opens in Google Earth)