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From the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico

Half Mile Post

Half Corner - Thigpenn

A half corner is better than none or what a surveyor will do for a quarter.


Everglades Drainage District

Can the Clerk of the Court refuse to record a plat?

A question posed to Florida's Attorney General. August 8, 1991.

Vertical Datum's

The USACE has released a manual titled: "Standards and Procedures for Referencing Project Elevation Grades to Nationwide Vertical Datums", (EM 1110-2-6056).

This document, largely the result of the misconceptions of vertical datum’s revealed by levee failures in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, addresses vertical datum use
not only for coastal projects, by also inland navigation and flood control. The entire document can be found at:

Scroll down the list until you find "EM 1110-2-6056".

Scenes in a Surveyor's Life - 1859

Using old photos for retracement

Changes in ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Standards

Steamboat Communications - the first cross Florida water connection

Preserving Their Interests: The Seminole and Miccosukee Indians

Have you ever hear of this?

Read the attached General Land Office field notes ”Volume 271 pages 684-694”, Lester S. Mann Public Land Surveyor

Vol271 P684-694.pdf

Sets Collier County monuments for the originals.

(These Collier County marks sound more like Collier Company monuments what do you think?).

What is a “Gallbery bush”?

I saw this in the GLO notes, Vol 271 Page 684


Collier County - Land Survey Data