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New GPS Signals

The government is in the process of fielding three new signals designed for civilian use: L2C, L5, and L1C. The legacy civil signal, called L1 C/A or C/A at L1, will continue broadcasting in the future, for a total of four civil GPS signals. Users must upgrade their equipment to benefit from the new signals.

You Tube & Jobs in Mobile LiDAR

IGSO 2008 GPS issues

E-GVAP - EUMETNET GPS Water Vapour Programme


Business Practices for Surveyors, Iain GREENWAY, Ireland

Modernizing the Geopotential Datum - Replacing NAVD88

NGAC v10 Datum presentation

To Translate Bentley GEOPAK and Bentley InRoads Files to Files that Can Be Used in AutoCAD Civil 3D

Abandoned, or extinguished?

74 F. 3d 1240 - Belka v. Penn Central Corporation
Abandoned, or extinguished.

Will drones hover freely over Florida?

Fixing Uncertain Boundary Lines

Fixing Uncertain Boundary Lines from the New Jersey State Bar Association

Glossary of BLM Terms

NCEES President's Award - Dr. Gibson

Washington State Definitions

OPUS Published Solutions (Sort of a Bluebooking for dummies)

Green LiDAR

Surveying Antiques Photo Gallery

The 1910 Manual of Underground Surveying

NGS Survey Data Explorer

Surveying Evidence and Procedures

At the end of this presentation Mr. Lucas give exerts from the following case:

District Court of the Virgin Islands,
Division of St. Thomas and St. John
Newfound Management Corporation v Irvin A. Sewer 885F. Supp. 727; 1995

The Surveyor’s Role in Conflict Resolution

NGS - CORS Network Update

Florida Map Library of Congress

Florida Online Mapping and Image Data

Why some old school Methods Die Hard

Thomas Jefferson, Land Surveyor

Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners

Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners & Subdivision of Sections a guide for Surveyors.

Survey Monument Conservation

an informational brochure of California Land Surveyors Association.

New FEMA Elevation Certifcate

FEMA will permit a “phase-in” of the revised EC on a voluntary basis. During the 12-month transition period beginning August 1, 2012, we will accept either the new form or the old form. Elevations certified after the last day of the transition period must be submitted on the new Elevation Certificate form with the expiration date of July 31, 2015.

Great Jacksonville Fire of 1901

Brokering Of Survey Services

Sight Lines: 6 Strategies of Successful Surveying Firms

The Photogrammetry and Mapping Sciences Exam

Traversing the Law: Common mistakes of the surveyor

Everglades of Florida

1850 - 1874 Maps

Lighthouses: Eastern Florida and the Keys

Downtown Tallahassee Historic Trail

Foreign Judgment Book

Ever think of looking in the Federal Court Seat of Ft. Pierce for an Okeechobee County document?

Foreign Judgement Book 1 page 148.pdf

The Mason-Dixon Line

F.C. Elliot - Professional Record

Surveyors, Cartographers, Photogrammetrists, and Surveying and Mapping Technicians

The Public Trust

NAD83: What is it?

Alexander Ross Clarke

Ground Penetrating Radar Program

NAD 83 National Readjustment Final Report

Fundamentals of NSRS

Surveying for topographic mapping by the Army

The Walton War and Ellicott’s Rock

Fort Keais

Look in Section 6 of Township 48 South, Range 29 East on the Collier company survey map for Fort Keais (T48R29-CollierCmp-USPB2p19-CoCoPR-BS-1943.pdf)

Florida's Vanishing Trail

Jacksonville COE - Control Database

The Jacksonville Corps - attachment gives you the alternative section corner database, vertical and horizontal points from Jacksonville COE.


Evolution of Florida Counties

US CGS Field Engineers Bulletin Number 13

Bilby Towers

Florida Master Site File

Electronic field book for cadastral retracement surveys

1973 Manual

1919 Manual of Instruction

Gomez Grant Documents

Scenes in a Surveyor's Life - 1859

Sustainability and the Move Towards Everglades Restoration

Lincoln as a Surveyor

The Liquid Heart of Florida

The Liquid Heard of Florida: Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River in the 1970’s


The Judicial Functions of Surveyors

Conflicting Priorities

History of South Florida Corps of Engineers Chapter 4, (see attachment “river int chap o04.pdf”)
“Conflicting Priorities:”Everglades National Park and Water Supply in the 1960s)


Federal Intervention

History of South Florida Corps of Engineers Chapter 2, Federal Intervention: The Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District Project, 1948


Living History Markers

Living History Markers from Mr. Steve Sharpe PLS

On the subject of living history markers…Living-section-corner.pdf

This cypress section corner was “recovered” in 2007. It is in Yellow River swamp south of the river on Eglin Air Force Base.
It was found during the survey of a tract north of the river that is now part of Blackwater River State Forest.

I’ve seen a few living witness trees over the years, but this is the only living tree I know of in Florida that is the actual original corner monument.
It was an interesting project and one I was glad to be able to do in the winter when the reptiles and the bugs were mostly sleeping. The unfortunate part was that it was also hunting season and there were four hunting leases in the project area – hence the crew attire in the photo.

We set up a field office in just east of Milton (f/k/a Briarpatch).

Here are the corner details. It seems kind of silly to reference a 72” Cypress to a 4” Bay – but specs. are specs.

Side note from Mr. Mike Joiner,
I was born and raised in Baker, Florida, about 20 miles north of here and hunted all over the Eglin Reservation and fished all through the Yellow river from Crestview south to Eglin during the 50’s and 60’s. My father was born in a little frame house on Yellow River in 1927 where the base now is. He will enjoy this picture.

Do you know of any other living monuments in Florida?

Balancing Demands

History of South Florida Corps of Engineers Chapter 3, Balancing Demands: Implementing the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project 1949-1960

This chapter is an important part of south Florida history, understanding the history helps you understand the present.


What are the basic steps to prepare a boundary survey?

What are the basic steps to prepare a boundary survey.docx

Thanks to Mike Joiner PSM, Mr. Steve Sharpe PSM and Mr. Chris McLaughlin PSM for their contributions on the basic steps document. I welcome any and all additions to the document. Remember it is just a tool to help you in your work.

United States Coast History

Boundaries & Landmarks by A.C. Mulford


In my opinion, one of the most important parts of a Land Surveyors career is mentoring. The old tradition of Master/Apprentice has somewhat disappeared with the “Age of information”. Somehow we believe that the apprentice will receive all they need for the colleges, computers and the internet. Colleges provide a broad base of knowledge that you cannot get from a single master, computers are great at crunching the numbers and making maps and the internet serves as a great informational resources, but that one on one training is priceless. On-the job training is the real deal. No tests just do it.

The old hard line of master/apprentice has served the profession well. Think about your mentor. What did he/she instill in you that you still use today? Nothing impressed me more than Mr. Billy Jenkins yelling at me “Don’t forget to turn that vertical angle boy… and plane geometry boy … plane geometry ” just seems to stick (in South Florida who turns vertical angles).

For me there is a personal satisfaction when I pass on the knowledge of the profession. It also helps for your exit strategy.

Tamiami Trail Poem by George Merrick

Surveyors in History

Polk County Historical Quarterly - March 1999

BLM Surveying and Mapping Terms

1973 Manual of Instruction

Scenes in a Surveyor's Life

"Here is a link to a digital book I happened across last year when I was doing some research at BSM.  I thought you might enjoy it.";subview=fullcitation;idno=FS00000067

I copied all of the book files and made one file.  It is here: Scenes in a Surveyor's Life Perry 1859.pdf

By Mr. Steve Sharp RLS of Cooner and Associates

SP No. 255