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Survey monuments and the Law

The Road to Sochi - GIS Map

Validated Corner Record

They are “Validated Corner Record” .
It gives original source, chaining Index factors,
True Bearings and relation to other corners.
A well-documented record.



CCR - SE S35 T22S R32E

I believe this is the first actual monument I’ve seen that is still in existence.


1934 Drainage Districts

US and Mexican Boundary Survey

British Army WW1 Trench Maps

Maps of the World

The National Atlas

USGS - The National Map

Surveyor General Map 1859

Volume 271 Page 660-697

Read the note on Page 684

T29 R30 BLM vs State

Compare the State copy of these plats with the BLM copy



Township Maps - Palm Beach - kmz

metadata unknown


Thanks to Gary Rager

A Map of Lewis and Clark's Track

Spanish Land Grants

U.S. Coast Survey Map, 1864

Historical Map & Chart Collection

Township 37 Range 29, locate the W 1/4

For the attached plat, located the W1/4 corner of Section 14 in the field notes.

Pages from T37R29 BLM.pdf

Vol264 p280.pdf

T40 R26 BLM

Lots of interesting things in this plat, Note Government Lots along the entire exterior of this plat, the east line of section 15


The Erie Canal Maps

Then and Now!

then.pdf and now.pdf

The now is based on a survey recorded in US PB 3 pages 1-84 Collier County Florida Public Records.

Plat Book 8 Page 20

Meander lakes in Florida

Nation’s smallest post office

Tamiami Trail - Then and Now

Collier County Surveys

Fort Jupiter

T40 R43 BLM

A True living Section Corner, is where it falls

A True living Section corner, is where it falls.
How would this stand up to the standards of today?


St. Augustine Historic Maps

Polk County Historical Quarterly on Fort Meade

CCR # 00945721

Section 29, Twp 39 South, Rge 38 East

Have you seen these stampings on a monument ?

Do you think coordinates and elevations should be stamped on a monument?


Historical Development of SW Florida Waterways

Hendry County Highway Map

Everglades Drainage District

Have you ever hear of this?

Read the attached General Land Office field notes ”Volume 271 pages 684-694”, Lester S. Mann Public Land Surveyor

Vol271 P684-694.pdf

Sets Collier County monuments for the originals.

(These Collier County marks sound more like Collier Company monuments what do you think?).

Highlands County Boundary Agreement

Do you see anything unusual about the common township line?

Review the attached plats of T36 R37 and T37 R37. Do you see anything unusual about the common township line?” T36R37-BLM.pdf T37R37-State.pdf

Now look at the plat of T36 R36. Is your answer still the same? T36R36-BLM.pdf

What is your conclusion?

Restoration Survey of a portion of the 3rd and 4th Standard Parallel

Some of the Drainage District in S. Florida

Flexing the Environmental Muscle

History of South Florida Corps of Engineers Chapter 5, (see attachment “river int chap o05.pdf”)
“Flexing the Environmental Muscle: The Cross Florida Barge Canal, the Everglades Jetport, and Big Cypress Swamp”)


Map Showing the Lands of Geo. W. Hopkins

The Heirs of Joseph Dalespine

Township 26 Range 34 Sections 1-36

CTA Project 80-0174

Lake Hart

Township 28 Range 29

Compare the west line of Section 31, Township 28 South, Range 29 East (T28R29-BLM.pdf) with the East line of Section 36, Township 28 South, Range 28 East (T28R28-BLM.pdf).

Then compare the field notes for the exterior lines of both townships (same surveyor, Vol 110 p28-34.pdf) with the note for the North line of Section 31 Township 28 South, Range. 29 East at the bottom of page 15 of the original notes in (Vol 201 p164.pdf).

Which plat is correct or are there two corners?

Field Notes:

Florida Quad Maps

Download Quad Map (DRG) from Labins - state plane

View Quad Index in Google Earth

Okeechobee No 1

SR 700 Right of Way Map

North Loop Telemetry Site


survey completed by Mr. Ed Scott, PSM

What is a 1/256 corner?


What is a 1/256 corner?
What are AP ? Have you ever seen them used in this way?
What is the standard material for a corner set?
Do you believe the corner note for Sections 8,9,16 and 17?

I wonder if anyone has looked for these corners?

Mitigation Site - State Road 700

Township 25 Range 31, 33, 34, and 35

Township 27 S Range 34 East

Township 31 Range 31

Disston Companies Land Map

1913 Map of Florida

Map of the Week

COE Caloosahatchee River Topo Survey - 1929

Calloosahtchee Improvement District

Twp 42 S Rge 32 E

Hiatus between T50S R40E and T50S R41E

Official Map of the Everglades

T52 R28 S1,4,9,21 & 28 Green WRW BS 1964

Township 2 South Range 25 East

Steamboat Communication

T44 R35 Section 2, 11 & 15 Topo

Township 61 Range 39

Map of the Week - T51 R32

T52 R42 S16 Seuerelua FLDOT SR4 ROW 1934

Palm Beach and Broward Counites

T 44S R 30E

Plat Book 1 Page 140

Look at the PE’s certification on the map:

Plat Book 1 Page 140 BS 1915.pdf

Women in the Weather Service

Township 42 Range 36

T40 R22 Section 36

Resurvey of Sections 30 & 31, T28 R38

Twp 34S Rge 40E

Map of the Week

There is no telling where you will find original sectional data:

Plat Book 9 page 30 Highlands Co PR.pdf

What do you think about Plat Book 1, page 7?

Plat Book 1 Page 7 Highlands Co PR.pdf

Everglades Pipeline Company

St. Augustine

Official Map St. Augustine Cover.tif

Official Map St. Augustine.tif

Thanks to Gail Oliver of St. Johns County Land Management Systems

Intracoastal Waterway, Jacksonville to Miami Project

Fahka Union Canal

T59 R39 S 1,2 & 12

East Coast Railroad Company

Canal 107

T53 R40 Fraizer in Dade County

Resurvey S 30 & 31, Twp 28S Rng 38E

Snail Kite Farm - 1945

C-23 Right of Way - 1951

Caloosahatchee River and Lake Okeechobee Drainage Areas

What is the difference between...

What is the difference between the State’s copies of T67R27 and the BLM’s copy?

Note that there is another reference on the BLM copy entered on "island land tract book”.  What is that referring to?

Red Cattle Company

Kreamer Island, Lake Okeechobee

Okeechobee Waterway

T48 R36 Dependent Resurvey

T48 R36 BLM Dependent Survey.pdf

T48 R36 BLM Letter.pdf (Without the letter you might survey the wrong stuff)

Notice anything different?

Look at the BLM Copies and then look at the States copies of this Township and Range, notice anything different?

T43 R27 State.pdf -vs- T43 R27 BLM.pdf

Jonathon Dickinson State Park

T51 R41 BLM

T51 R41 BLM.pdf (Note: Right of Way Shown on Dependent Resurvey)

Ritta & Kreamer Island

T59 R37 Prewitt-Nall

Last weeks map was a plat by the GLO in the patent. This weeks map ties in to that survey and extends it several townships to the South and it is in NAD27 State Plane, very high tech for the time. It also has a T.I.I.T.F. Resolution and field notes. The map is a Reconnaissance Survey. I’m not sure what that is, but if you follow the notes they set section corners like a survey or a dependant resurvey or a resurvey or even a boundary type survey. Read the field notes they are very interesting. If you’ve worked in or visited the park you will understand what they are talking about. I wonder if this is one of the first “Surveyor’s Reports”. Also there is a possible mistake with one of the corners, can you find it?

I don’t believe that the map is readily posted to any website. If you know of it please share it.

A plot of that data on a 2004 aerial: plot.jpg
Reconnaissance Survey: T59 R37 S13 Prewitt-Nall.pdf
TIITF Resolution:  TIITF Resolution.pdf
Field Notes: Field Notes Vol273 p388-402.pdf

Twp 58 S Range 35 E Dependent Resurvey

Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project

1856 Ives Military Map of Florida Peninsula

Everglades National Park

Township 57 South, Range 40 East by Garris in 1959

T49 R42 & 43 Broward County 1952

Suncoast Estates

Twp 42 Rng 30 & 31

C-33 Right of Way Map 1965

Hillsborough Plantation Tract

Big B Ranch

FL 130

Everglades National Park

Boundary Survey of the Everglades National Park by ER Brownell in 1967 and a map by Prewitt & Nall 1955 &1956 of the Flamingo area.

Everglades National Park.pdf
T60 R33 Prewitt Nall 1955-1956.pdf

1946 Survey by Mr. Carl Johnson (T40 & 41S R38E)

This week’s map of the week is a 1946 Survey by Mr. Carl Johnson of Various lines in that part of Township 40 S., Rge. 38 E. and Township 41S., Rge. 38E.   This survey was used in an agreement in Deed Book 1010, page 390.  USSC-Chastain DB 1010 pg 390.pdf

In Twp. 40 S., Rge. 38 E. the North boundary was surveyed in 1853 by M.A. Williams Deputy Surveyor and the East, West and South, Boundaries of the Township and the Section lines were survey in 1855 by William J. Reyes.

In Twp. 40 S., Rge. 38 E. the North and East boundaries were surveyed by A.H. Jones in 1845 and the section lines were survey by Wm. J. Reyes in 1855.

The South Boundary was survey in 1916 by the State Surveyor Otis A. Hardin. The West boundary was surveyed in 1855 by W.J. Reyes.  Mr. Johnson’s survey protracted the remaining sections.

T40R38 BLM.pdf
T40R38S3,4&7-36 Johnson Johnson 1946.pdf
T41R38 BLM.pdf
T42S R38E_053.tif 

Following are his field notes. Please take time to go through them, they are excellent.

USSC FB U98.pdf
USSC FB U99.pdf
USSC FB V96.pdf
USSC FB V98.pdf


FC Elliot Maps

Collier County Surveys - PB2 PG 1-40

Lake Clark

Township 49-51S Range 35 East

Township 44 South, Range 36 East

T43 R39 Hardin TIIF 1916 1919 r1926

Pelican Lake

T42 R37 S19,30,31 Walls Eng 1926

T44 R41 Supplemental Plat

T 26 R 29-2

Hanson Grant

T42R31S26 Fredrick 1917


Gomez Grant

Map 0020


Map T45 R33

COE L-8 ROW 1949

COE Miltry Res ORB 119 PG 45

West Farm Road

T24 R34 noname C&SFFCD Twp Map 1970

T42 R33 S7,15-36 Frederick 1916


Map 04252008

What does B.B.T. stand for?

From the January 4, 2008 map of the week the question was asked "what does B.B.T. stand for?"

see FB73Hp7and8.pdf

Map 04-11-2008

The Map of the Week coincides with the aerial from last week.  Note the detail in the field notes.