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What is an SAD Card?

SAD Card.pdf

Answer: SAD is a Corps of Engineers "SAD" - South Atlantic Division

Map 04252008

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Question on North Arrows...

Why do some North Arrows only have half a head and when they do what does that indicate?

From Mr. Paul H. Beaulieu II, SIT, CST

Answer: A full headed north arrow indicates either true north or an assumed northerly direction while the half headed arrow indicates the use of magnetic north and the side of the line ith head lies indicates the direction of the magnetic declination.

Pioneer Families of the Kissimme River Valley

Fort Kissimmee

What does B.B.T. stand for?

From the January 4, 2008 map of the week the question was asked "what does B.B.T. stand for?"

see FB73Hp7and8.pdf

DOC 080417-001-1


Map 04-11-2008

The Map of the Week coincides with the aerial from last week.  Note the detail in the field notes.



Lyme Disease - U of F Report