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St. Augustine

Official Map St. Augustine Cover.tif

Official Map St. Augustine.tif

Thanks to Gail Oliver of St. Johns County Land Management Systems

Intracoastal Waterway, Jacksonville to Miami Project


excerpt from surveyor magazine.pdf (thanks to Steve Brickley of Culpepper and Terpening, Inc.)

Why do the Research?

Measuring Granite Peak

Fahka Union Canal

NGVD 29 or NAVD 88

The Drainage of the Everglades

Mt. Rushmore

How cool is your job?  Check out this site and the methods that they are using to complete their work.  How would you go about surveying Mt. Rushmore?  What do you think of the kite photography?

Thanks to Mary Hanna Clodfelter, Mock Roos & Associates, Inc.

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T59 R39 S 1,2 & 12

Space Shuttle Pictures