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Lake Okeechobee to Lake Istokpoga 1916 by JB Phinney

How-To Guide for Successful Surface Modeling

You might be a Surveyor IF...


Thanks to Mary Hanna Clodfelter of Mock Roos and Associates

Song of the 3-Man Crew


thanks to Mary Hanna Clodfelter of Mock Roos and Associates

1856 Ive’s Military Map - Memoirs

The 1856 Ive’s Military Map was posted, a while back, attached are the memoirs that go with it.

1856 Ives Military Map.pdf

Memoir To 1856 Map.pdf

Map of the Week

There is no telling where you will find original sectional data:

Plat Book 9 page 30 Highlands Co PR.pdf

What do you think about Plat Book 1, page 7?

Plat Book 1 Page 7 Highlands Co PR.pdf

Jacksonville District Benchmark Database

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

The Florida Cracker Trail

Southern Colonization Company

Ghost Towns and History of the American West

Everglades Pipeline Company

Compatibility IE6 to IE8

If you are having problems connecting to websites that operate in IE6, this outline from Ms Debbie Volk of Cooner and Assocaites will help.

SFWMD IE6 to IE8.pdf

Corpscon version 6 available

1Corpscon version 6 available at

The US Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District added a grid that utilizes the CERP Geodetic Monuments in South Florida, follow Mr. Jeff Navaille’s (SAJ CofE) instructions below:

1) Unzip and copy these files to: C:\Program Files\Corpscon6\Vertcon

2) When you open Corpscon ver. 6.0.1, go to the set up screen and click on the vertcon tab. Click the radio button on "Custom Vertcon Data Set", and navigate to and select "vertcon.txt".

3) Now for me, this is where it gets interesting, because even though you have selected the customized grid file, it will not use this customized file in the calculations, even though it says its using it in the header of the output file!

4) Here's where I exit the program and then start it up again...try it.