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Township 28 Range 29

Compare the west line of Section 31, Township 28 South, Range 29 East (T28R29-BLM.pdf) with the East line of Section 36, Township 28 South, Range 28 East (T28R28-BLM.pdf).

Then compare the field notes for the exterior lines of both townships (same surveyor, Vol 110 p28-34.pdf) with the note for the North line of Section 31 Township 28 South, Range. 29 East at the bottom of page 15 of the original notes in (Vol 201 p164.pdf).

Which plat is correct or are there two corners?

Field Notes:

Aerial Photography: Florida Home

The Quintessential Surveyor

Boundaries & Landmarks by A.C. Mulford


In my opinion, one of the most important parts of a Land Surveyors career is mentoring. The old tradition of Master/Apprentice has somewhat disappeared with the “Age of information”. Somehow we believe that the apprentice will receive all they need for the colleges, computers and the internet. Colleges provide a broad base of knowledge that you cannot get from a single master, computers are great at crunching the numbers and making maps and the internet serves as a great informational resources, but that one on one training is priceless. On-the job training is the real deal. No tests just do it.

The old hard line of master/apprentice has served the profession well. Think about your mentor. What did he/she instill in you that you still use today? Nothing impressed me more than Mr. Billy Jenkins yelling at me “Don’t forget to turn that vertical angle boy… and plane geometry boy … plane geometry ” just seems to stick (in South Florida who turns vertical angles).

For me there is a personal satisfaction when I pass on the knowledge of the profession. It also helps for your exit strategy.


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Florida Quad Maps

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Quad Index.pdf

Comming Soon... Geo referenced 7.5 minute quads in the East Zone of Florida.



Do you know why the monument is stamped “BBS”?
Do you know what the “TT” stands for?

Okeechobee No 1

HUMP 003 - Monument

Mr. Strickland found this monument about a month ago even though the last entrance in 1999 says mark not found.


SR 700 Right of Way Map