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Next Generation of GPS

3D for Infrastructure

Mobile LiDAR Consider the Benefits - Global Positioning System (GPS)

Setting up in practice - tips for surveyors

Seismic Airgun Surveys

ESRI for Surveying

New Geometric Datum


SURV322 Hydrographic Surveying

Make a 3D-scanner

Mine Mapping

Bridge Surveying - 3D Laser Scan

Geodetic Surveying 1940-1990

USGS Global Positioning Application and Practice

How can Drones transform Surveying

Footsteps Magazine

Automation of Surveying Creates Disruption and Opportunities

USGS Global Navigation Satellite System

USACE Survey Monument Archival & Retrieval Tool - Maps, Data, and Services

Hurricane Tracker

UAV Solutions

Aerial photography

What's Important To Clients? It's All About Trust

Georgia Housing and Finance Authority

Real Estate Due Diligence 101

USGS Publications Warehouse

National Geodetic Survey Data Explorer

NOAA Shoreline Website

Trimble Introduces Compact OEM GNSS UHF Receiver Module

Trimble Introduces Compact OEM GNSS UHF Receiver Module for High-Accuracy Positioning.

FAA Loses UAV Case to Texas Based Search & Rescue

History of Orange County, FL

Best iPhone Apps that Measure Elevation

Improved access to land survey records and monuments

The Silliness of Borders - USA & Canada

Tide Stations within the US

NOAA Historical Shoreline Survey Viewer

Use the Google Maps portion you can make their map transparent on current photography and download the maps, add a world file and plot it on your map.

Knud’s Publications

Texas Military Forces utilize sextants and centuries old surveying techniques

USGS - Earthquake Hazards Program

Flood Zone Maps for Broward County

New Maps are becoming effective August 18th, 2014.

2013 Chapter 472 Florida Statutes

Florida Historical Topographic Maps

Architectural and Historical survey of High Springs Florida

Osceola County Survey

Florida Geological Survey

Federally Authorized Channels Maintained By The Corps of Engineers

LiDAR Drones


Preflight Turbulence for Commercial Drones

Florida Surveyor - Rewriting Job Description

GIS Mapping at the Texas GLO

Fort Montgomery Lake Champlain & Richelieu River Rouses Point

VERTCON Download

National Adjustment of 2011 Project

GNSS Surveying Technologies for the Future

Possible Future Technological Developments for Boundary Surveying

Surveying Antiques

Theodolte iPhone App

The Impact of Topographic Mapping of Developments in Land and Air Survey

Underground Mine Surveying

Ground Penetrating Radar

Drone Surveying


Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers

USGS Maps, Imagery, and Publications

Seminole County Survey Department

Location Guide to the GLO Survey Plats

Why a Surveyor

Land Surveying at Snowy Cambuslang

Land Surveying Frequently Asked Questions

Manitoba gets first female land surveyor

Land Surveying Christmas Ornaments

Severity of Hurricane Sandy’s Coastal Impacts

NASA Mars Exploration Program

Young surveyors learn to measure up...

Past is Prologue: Young surveyors learn to measure up on 1907–08 Patuxent cruise

Hurricane Photos

Florida Flights of Fancy

Florida Cattle Ranching

State Archives of Florida

NGS Geoid 12A

Missouri Land Survey Program

FEMA Map Service Center

FEMA Google Earth
Click on FEMA NFHL v2.4 kmz

Why the Four Corners Monument is in Exactly the Right Place


History of Surveying in the United States

Key Tree-Cactus

Pahayokee Overlook

Atlantic Beach - Plats and Patents

Federal Township Survey Plats & Land Patents

Computing State Plane Coordinates

NGS Geodetic Toolkit, Part 7: Computing State Plane Coordinates

Florida - Active Wildfires

39,644 acres already burned in Florida this year.

Outlook - April-June 2012
Active Wildefires Map

Florida Fores Service

USA Active Floods

Active Earthquake Map

Old Florida Maps

Historical Florida

Cadastral and Parcel Glossary

The Survey Cafe History

No Man's Land

William Austin Burt Solar Compass

DOI’s GeoCommunicator

Traversing the Law: The Alabama rule

Auburn Land Surveying

Records of the Bureau of Land Management

Measuring the World Around Us

Witness Trees

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Global Positioning System

USGS Global Positioning System

GPS (and GLONASS) Satellite Tracking

Where Surveyors fought like Soldiers

Florida Emergency Contact Information

Palm Beach County Plats (Recorded & Unrecorded)

First Florida Inhabitants

PK Nail

Caching for Benchmarks

Steamboats on the Kissimmee

History of Key West

State of Florida Boundary

Florida Forts

NGS Control Marks within DeLorme

US Army Corps of Engineers Team New Orleans

Washington State Natural Resources

National Atlas - PLSS

BLM Geocommunicator

Earth Point - Township and Range

Fort Taylor

Camp Blanding

North Key Largo Missle Site

Fort Pickens

Fort Brooke

Murphy's Law

History of NAS Fort Lauderdale

An Introduction To Florida Scrub

Red Wolf Re-establishment Program

Bird's eye view of Florida

Boney Marsh

Abandoned Air Fields in Florida

Central Florida Memory

-Submitted by Michael O'Brien

Research In Colonial & United States Wars

The National Map

Lidar and Photogrammetry Development

Indian Burial Grounds

Boynton's Indian Mounds

FDOT Right of Way Maps

Martin County Plats

Wiki - Surveying

About Monuments

DOT Right of Way Maps

SWFWMD Survey Control Website

Traversing the law: Finding common ground

Windows Phone 7 App Puts the Power of Mapping in Users’ Hands

Death of a South Florida Surveying Icon

Surveyors Historical Society

ACSM Bulletin

Aerial Photography: Florida Home


Florida Aerial Photography Archive Collection

Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers

POB - July 2010

Colonial Instruments - Links

Professional Surveyor Magazine

Links of the Week

The American Surveyor Magazine

Wiki: American Surveyors

Martin County - Survey Control Map

Lee County GIS Data

American Surveyor Archives

Earth Point - Tools for Google Earth

A History of the Rectangular Survey System

The American Surveyor Blog

Jacksonville District Benchmark Database

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

The Florida Cracker Trail

Ghost Towns and History of the American West

The United States Geological Survey: 1879-1989

1940 Greater Everglades and South Florida Aerial Photoset

AutoCad 3D - Paving the Way


USGS Earth Explorer:

USGS The National Map Seamless Server:

PBC - Unrecorded Plats


Type in your favorite acronym and see what the various meaning are I’ve used POB as an example:

Acronym - Definition

POB - Point of Beginning (land surveying)


We all need tools

Surveyors Historical Society

In 1977, a group of surveyors in California met and agreed to form a new non profit society not bound by any geographical boundaries: Their interest - the preservation of the history of the science of surveying. Their purpose - to form a society that would realize that purpose. Thus, the Surveyors Historical Society (SHS) was formed.

The Surveyors Historical Society is dedicated to the public purposes of preserving historical surveying instruments, artifacts, records and memorabilia. SHS is also dedicated to educating the general public about the history of surveying. The Society has developed programs to honor historical surveying points, and the surveyors who have made significant contributions to the profession through the implementation of a public marker program. SHS cooperates at all opportunities with persons and organizations that share the public benefit purpose of education concerning the history of all branches of the science of surveying.

Acceptance of SHS objectives has grown rapidly and membership has spread around the world. Exhibits have been set up on numerous occasions at state, regional and national meetings of surveyors and photogrammetrists.

The High-precision Transcontinental Traverse

The Transcontinental Traverse, a survey that crisscrossed the entire contiguous United States along three east-west and five north-south corridors, was the most accurate large-area survey ever done prior to Global Positioning System surveys. This nationwide survey increased the accuracy of the existing U.S. survey network. It was also fundamental to the sophisticated mathematical readjustment of the nation's survey network known as the North American Datum of 1983.

SFWMD - Survey Monument BenchMark Database

Now on Labins - Original Survey Plats and Sales Plats

The Color Plat images are from the ORIGINAL survey of Florida. The Black and White Plat images are either a copy of the color OR are additional surveys performed after the ORIGINALs were completed.

The sales plats were created by the State Land Office to visibly track original land sales out of the the State by original patent and currently are on file at State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). These lands were designated lands granted to the State of Florida by Acts of Congress and therefore available for the State to sell.

Palm Beach County - Unrecorded Plats

FEMA - Flood Smart

Martin County Plats

Principal Meridians and Base Lines

DSWorld (Version 1.00)

DSWorld plots NGS network points by state, county and type (vertical or horizontal) in Google Earth. Google Earth must be installed prior to running DSWorld.

LIDAR - Statewide Specs and Status

Where to get "Corpscon"?

Aerial Photography Florida

Adapx Digital Pen and Capturx for ArcGIS

Canadian Spatial Reference System

SFWMD Benchmark Database