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Application for Identifying Trees

Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners

Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners & Subdivision of Sections a guide for Surveyors.

Survey Monuments and The Law

by Chuck Karayan, L.S.

Survey Monument Conservation

an informational brochure of California Land Surveyors Association.

Severity of Hurricane Sandy’s Coastal Impacts

NASA Mars Exploration Program

New FEMA Elevation Certifcate

FEMA will permit a “phase-in” of the revised EC on a voluntary basis. During the 12-month transition period beginning August 1, 2012, we will accept either the new form or the old form. Elevations certified after the last day of the transition period must be submitted on the new Elevation Certificate form with the expiration date of July 31, 2015.

Survey for Quake Effects

Washington Monument Surveyed for Quake Effects.
How do you do that?

What is RTN?

Young surveyors learn to measure up...

Past is Prologue: Young surveyors learn to measure up on 1907–08 Patuxent cruise

Who named Devil’s Tower

Who named Devil’s Tower? A surveyor of course.

Great Jacksonville Fire of 1901

Hurricane Photos

Florida Flights of Fancy

Florida Cattle Ranching

60" Cypress Tree

Note the tie to a 60” cypress tree