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T59 R37 Prewitt-Nall

Last weeks map was a plat by the GLO in the patent. This weeks map ties in to that survey and extends it several townships to the South and it is in NAD27 State Plane, very high tech for the time. It also has a T.I.I.T.F. Resolution and field notes. The map is a Reconnaissance Survey. I’m not sure what that is, but if you follow the notes they set section corners like a survey or a dependant resurvey or a resurvey or even a boundary type survey. Read the field notes they are very interesting. If you’ve worked in or visited the park you will understand what they are talking about. I wonder if this is one of the first “Surveyor’s Reports”. Also there is a possible mistake with one of the corners, can you find it?

I don’t believe that the map is readily posted to any website. If you know of it please share it.

A plot of that data on a 2004 aerial: plot.jpg
Reconnaissance Survey: T59 R37 S13 Prewitt-Nall.pdf
TIITF Resolution:  TIITF Resolution.pdf
Field Notes: Field Notes Vol273 p388-402.pdf

Twp 58 S Range 35 E Dependent Resurvey

OR 21820 PG 757

Read parcel 800-001, then lay it out

OR 21820 PG 757.pdf


ORB 1004 Page 284

Who do you think wrote a legal description that uses feet and inches in the bearing? ORB1004 p284.pdf

Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project

1856 Ives Military Map of Florida Peninsula

Aerial of the Week

Everglades National Park