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Orange County

This chronicles life in early Orange County.
This book talks a little bit about J.O. Fries.


Foreign Judgment Book

Ever think of looking in the Federal Court Seat of Ft. Pierce for an Okeechobee County document?

Foreign Judgement Book 1 page 148.pdf

Township 37 Range 29, locate the W 1/4

For the attached plat, located the W1/4 corner of Section 14 in the field notes.

Pages from T37R29 BLM.pdf

Vol264 p280.pdf

What is a fictitious meander line?

NC/SC Border Dispute

The Mason-Dixon Line

Cadastral and Parcel Glossary

Echo Sounding - Early Sound Methods

Right-of-Entry Door Hanger Sample

This sample is for the State of Indiana.


T40 R26 BLM

Lots of interesting things in this plat, Note Government Lots along the entire exterior of this plat, the east line of section 15


A Pine Tree Marked as Corner

A Pine tree marked as corner (Vol 211 page 130) and later fallen and decayed (Vol 218 page 83).

Vol 211 page 130.pdf

Vol 218 page 83.pdf

What is an Alligator Runway?