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Envelopes of Protection

History of South Florida Corps of Engineers Chapter 10, (see river_int_chap_10.pdf)
Envelopes of Protection “ Land Acquisition Programs in Florida, 1980-1990”

Do you see anything unusual about the common township line?

Review the attached plats of T36 R37 and T37 R37. Do you see anything unusual about the common township line?” T36R37-BLM.pdf T37R37-State.pdf

Now look at the plat of T36 R36. Is your answer still the same? T36R36-BLM.pdf

What is your conclusion?

DOT Right of Way Maps

Distance between Section Corner and Quarter Corner?

What’s the shortest or longest distance you’ve seen between a section corner and a quarter corner?

The shortest might be from CCR0069018 to CCR0069019.

Live Oak Island Survey by W.H. Macy 1897

Gainesville Patent No 137

Science in a Race with Politics and Nature

Dredging history of SW Florida Inland Waterways

Steamboat Communications

That Damn Sewer Ditch: Kissimmee River Restoration Efforts

Bearing Tree

Letters of Survey General