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The Public Trust

Florida’s State Lands Authorization

Historic Protection for Florida’s Navigable Rivers and Lakes

Broward County Plats

Most of our records can be accessed online at: Public Records Search and Choose Public Search

or the direct link is:

Attached (Plat-transcript-key.pdf) is a key to transcript recording book and page for older plats that were once part of Palm Beach County and Dade County but are now part of Broward. You have to use the transcript numbers to get them online as they are not listed using their original recording info. (example: Florida Fruit Lands Company Subdivision No.2 PB 1, PG 102 PBCR would be listed under “Palm Beach Plats” PB 1, PG 1 ; PB 1, PG 2; PB 1, PG 3 ; PB 1, PG 4).

Thanks to Eric Augusto, PSM

Relative Accuracy

Do you understand the difference between relative accuracy and positional accuracy?

This is more important than you think.

Cadastral Survey Accuracy Standards.pdf

Surveyor's Guidebook on Relative Accuracy

Survey Foot versus International Foot: What’s the difference?

NAD83: What is it?

Alexander Ross Clarke

Global Positioning System

USGS Global Positioning System

GPS (and GLONASS) Satellite Tracking

Machine Control

Ground Penetrating Radar Program