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Puerto Rico Vertical Datum

Puerto Rico Vertical Datum of 2002 (PRVD02) has been published for the entire island.

The leveling data has been loaded into the NGS database.

Found Henry Washington Post

Recently on map of the week you asked if anyone knew of an existing Henry Washington post. We have had string of projects lately bordering along lines run by Henry Washington, and have had great success in retracing his positions along his lines. The past few weeks we have been working on a project along the Polk/Hillsborough County line and found the remains of one of his post so I though I would share some photos with you since you asked. We originally looked for the witness trees finding the two small tree remains in the photos. These two trees were kind of wimpy looking and the other two tree positions fell in the pavement so we were unable to investigate the other two positions. After rechecking Henry's notes these trees were noted as 8' pines (glad he recorded that information) at the time he surveyed this line in 1842. So we decided to see if we could find any post evidence to confirm our location. The area we were working in was adjacent to an old road grade that had swales cut down what appeared to be several feet from the apparent natural ground, so we were not very hopeful. But to our surprise we found the bottom portion of the light wood post remains just below the surface. Unfortunately we only found the bottom portion of the post since the area had been previously cut down for the swale.

It was raining off and on most of the day so that's why we were dressed like the man from snowy river- we don't typically dress in period clothing during our retracement work only when it is raining, although maybe we should if it helps.

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