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History of the Railroad

Krome’s Survey of the Railroad mentioned on page 9, I wonder if this is where Krome Avenue came from?


System of Government Surveys

History of Stock Island

Computing State Plane Coordinates

NGS Geodetic Toolkit, Part 7: Computing State Plane Coordinates

Everglades of Florida

Florida - Active Wildfires

39,644 acres already burned in Florida this year.

Outlook - April-June 2012
Active Wildefires Map

Florida Fores Service

USA Active Floods

Active Earthquake Map

Sea Level Rise

Old Florida Maps

1850 - 1874 Maps

Old King's Road

Lighthouses: Eastern Florida and the Keys

Historical Florida

U.S. Coast Survey Map, 1864

Historical Map & Chart Collection

First Flight - PID DK3518

FIRST FLIGHT is a "D" stability mark and might be difficult to determine the leveled high point.
Several other marks in the area are more appropriate for vertical control; Q 168 is a first order leveled benchmark. WILBER is a 2nd order mark located near the entrance to the park.

Photo: photo.JPG

Downtown Tallahassee Historic Trail

Guide Meridian and Base Parallel Park