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Which on is it “lighterwood” or “light wood”?

Historic battlefields in Florida

Types of Disney Survey Markers

PK Nail

Fort Jefferson

Caching for Benchmarks

Lewis & Clark

Jefferson Pier

NGS History

Steamboats on the Kissimmee

Meander lakes in Florida

Cattle Dipping vats in Florida

Florida Cracker

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State of Florida Boundary

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Florida’s First Oil Well

Florida Forts

Fort Keais

Look in Section 6 of Township 48 South, Range 29 East on the Collier company survey map for Fort Keais (T48R29-CollierCmp-USPB2p19-CoCoPR-BS-1943.pdf)

Florida's Vanishing Trail

Prisms of Perception

Grand Canyon - North Rim

Have you seen this before?

On Sheet 1 there is a note concerning the setting of above ground and below ground monumentation, a second base line and setting “ B.S.”?