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Antarctic winter sea ice extent sets new record in 2014

Hurricane Tracker

UAV Solutions

Aerial photography

GPS helped forecast earthquake

USGS - Earthquake Hazards Program

Russia's Glonass GPS system suffers major disruption

Flood Zone Maps for Broward County

New Maps are becoming effective August 18th, 2014.

Anti-Gator Box

Sochi 2014 Slopestile Course Designs

Sochi Olympic Games 2014 Construction

The Road to Sochi - GIS Map

US Construction Spending Up 0.8 Percent in October

Google Could Revolutionize Construction

Maps of the World

The National Atlas

USGS - The National Map

Are land surveyor job opportunities growing or declining?

Land Surveying at Snowy Cambuslang

Land Surveying Frequently Asked Questions

Manitoba gets first female land surveyor

Land Surveying Christmas Ornaments

Severity of Hurricane Sandy’s Coastal Impacts

NASA Mars Exploration Program

New FEMA Elevation Certifcate

FEMA will permit a “phase-in” of the revised EC on a voluntary basis. During the 12-month transition period beginning August 1, 2012, we will accept either the new form or the old form. Elevations certified after the last day of the transition period must be submitted on the new Elevation Certificate form with the expiration date of July 31, 2015.

Survey Corner Law

Florida - Active Wildfires

39,644 acres already burned in Florida this year.

Outlook - April-June 2012
Active Wildefires Map

Florida Fores Service

USA Active Floods

Active Earthquake Map

Sea Level Rise

Ground Penetrating Radar Program

Florida from Space

Description of the Week

Lake Okechobee - Meander Corner Extension

Conner's Highway

What unusual corner markers have you found?

Volume 271 p602 Field Notes 39S 32E Lester Mann.pdf

“A Tree corner” the corner of sections 4,5,32 and 33 Townships 38 and 39 South, Range 33 East.

The Next BLM Manual

Happy Thanksgiving

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Aerial 080725