In 1977, a group of surveyors in California met and agreed to form a new non profit society not bound by any geographical boundaries: Their interest - the preservation of the history of the science of surveying. Their purpose - to form a society that would realize that purpose. Thus, the Surveyors Historical Society (SHS) was formed.

The Surveyors Historical Society is dedicated to the public purposes of preserving historical surveying instruments, artifacts, records and memorabilia. SHS is also dedicated to educating the general public about the history of surveying. The Society has developed programs to honor historical surveying points, and the surveyors who have made significant contributions to the profession through the implementation of a public marker program. SHS cooperates at all opportunities with persons and organizations that share the public benefit purpose of education concerning the history of all branches of the science of surveying.

Acceptance of SHS objectives has grown rapidly and membership has spread around the world. Exhibits have been set up on numerous occasions at state, regional and national meetings of surveyors and photogrammetrists.


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