Living History Markers from Mr. Steve Sharpe PLS

On the subject of living history markers…Living-section-corner.pdf

This cypress section corner was “recovered” in 2007. It is in Yellow River swamp south of the river on Eglin Air Force Base.
It was found during the survey of a tract north of the river that is now part of Blackwater River State Forest.

I’ve seen a few living witness trees over the years, but this is the only living tree I know of in Florida that is the actual original corner monument.
It was an interesting project and one I was glad to be able to do in the winter when the reptiles and the bugs were mostly sleeping. The unfortunate part was that it was also hunting season and there were four hunting leases in the project area – hence the crew attire in the photo.

We set up a field office in just east of Milton (f/k/a Briarpatch).

Here are the corner details. It seems kind of silly to reference a 72” Cypress to a 4” Bay – but specs. are specs.

Side note from Mr. Mike Joiner,
I was born and raised in Baker, Florida, about 20 miles north of here and hunted all over the Eglin Reservation and fished all through the Yellow river from Crestview south to Eglin during the 50’s and 60’s. My father was born in a little frame house on Yellow River in 1927 where the base now is. He will enjoy this picture.

Do you know of any other living monuments in Florida?


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