Volume 271 p602 Field Notes 39S 32E Lester Mann.pdf

“A Tree corner” the corner of sections 4,5,32 and 33 Townships 38 and 39 South, Range 33 East.


I had the unique experience of running a survey party for Hank Heath (LS 497) in the area near Lake Harney back around 1973 or so. We were running a line that was a resurvey of the Meander line just north of SR 46 and West of Lake Harney. The notes (from the late 1800’s as I recall, cited “set File in 30” Hickory Stump”. We found two of the three cypress trees still standing and found the file in a odd shaped hickory tree (Large base, 20” trunk). It seems the old tree stump (Hank thought the original tree had probably just been logged off at the time of the original notes) and had subsequently sprouted a new shoot which was now an 80 year old tree itself.

The file (which we were able to get to pretty easily in the rotted portion of the base) was a large (about 2” on each side) triangularly shaped file about 18” long. Hank said it was an old blacksmith hoof paring file that he seen in many blacksmith shops when a child (Hank was born in the 1880’s).

In that area of Seminole County in the early 70’s I saw many original lightwood posts with the scribed numbers still legible. (Most of this area was run originally by Henry Washington)

Great time to learn about surveying in central florida. (before total stations and EDM’s – we ran everything pretty much on true line with 200’ steel tapes). By the way, Hank’s former partner (MC Hagan) had retired in the mid 60’s but occasionally came around to the office to reminisce. He was almost 100 years old by then! His grandfather was one of the original head chainman for Henry Washington in the 1840’s. I’ve seen his name in Henry’s notes. Neat stuff.

Mike Joiner