The 1856 Ive’s Military Map was posted, a while back, attached are the memoirs that go with it.

1856 Ives Military Map.pdf

Memoir To 1856 Map.pdf


“Terrific map, I always enjoy looking at maps created in the mid 19th century. These maps usually possess a certain artistic quality lacking in modern mapping. Lt. Ives (the compiler) resigned his Federal service at the outset of the American Civil War to offer his service to the Confederacy. The identified Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, was of course the Confederacy’s President, and the Directing Officer, A.A. Humphreys went on to command a Federal division at Gettysburg, and eventually a Federal Corp. An interesting note about Humphreys is he was widely regarded as having the foulest mouth in either army. It was said he could swear in paragraphs.” from a colleague of mine in our Pennsylvania Office (Erdman Anthony)