1. Never use the 200-foot steel tape as a bungee chord.
2. Inexperience rodmen/instrumentmen should not be furnished with plumb bob without specific instructions for their use.
3. At all costs, do not admit to the party chief that you left the chain or anything back at the last job site.
4. Always dismantle the level rod before putting it back in the truck.
5. Never actually perform topographic surveys. Subcontract them out to your competitors.
6. Never trust the instrument man when he promises not to reinstall the manhole cover before you've finished taking the pipe size measurements.
7. Never trust the party chief when he says, "I'll be back to pick you up later."
8. Take your vacation when rumors begin to circulate around the office that a major contract will soon be signed to perform intensive percolation tests at a large industrial site.
9. Be patient with the rodman/instrumentman.
10. Set a fair amount of bogus grade stakes and lathe when performing construction staking.


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