A look into the past at 20-mile bend. My family drove through this intersection hundreds of times. I have subsequently survey all around this area many times since. This is the intersection of US-98 and Old SR-80. Located in Section 31, T43S, R40E. The southwest corner therof was a "found lighterwood post" set by the GLO adjacent to the Everglades Patent No. 137. The corner was found in the sawgrass by Greg Shock in the 1970s after searching for several days. This corner was important in a legal dispute because the State Surveys that overlapped with the GLO surveys at this location. The U.S. sold the section and later the State conveyed parts of the same land not knowing where the original corner was located. Mr. Norman Gimple was the surveyor and as I remember it, he was the expert in court that prevailed in the dispute.